I like the meteors. Whatever in these photos is included and nothing else unless noted. Precision glass lens guarantees you high image quality for all applications – from snapshot to video messaging. Too much Gain results in “noise” in the image. I haven’t found a better mac-compatible webcam yet, still looking. I’m also thinking about getting one of these webcams, i managed to pick up a toucam fun 2 only manages about px square, and focussing is impossible , how do i go about fitting the eyepiece adaptor to the camera, i know with the philips ones you can just screw out the lens and screw in the new adaptor.

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As mentioned, the Sharp LZn will be slightly noisier than the Sony ICXn sensors, this is more likely to show up philips spc900nc webcam a long exposure frame than in planetary images, and the longer the exposure the more the noise.

PS – try this one: May be I just got lucky that I philips spc900nc webcam not break webcsm, but saved me all the effort of removing and putting together the casing. It gives you the freedom to express spc900cn and converse naturally.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Remember not to over-expose the image captures.

Just unscrew the lens anti-clockwise until the lens comes right out. Please read the Privacy Notice for more information.

A brief overview of Webcams and Astronomy

Over time I have tried to make this page a comprehensive resource for the SPCNC, so please check out the various links and resources lower down – it may save you some time! You need to make the most of this philips spc900nc webcam data range to avoid losing the full potential of the light the camera captures.

You might also consider Nebulosity philips spc900nc webcam, which has some excellent documentation manual and tutorials where you apc900nc learn a lot about CCD cameras, and astrophotography image processing. Hi-definition scp900nc in darkness This is simply the best webcam in the world.

Customer reviews

VLounge is sophisticated software for capturing, managing and archiving snapshots and video clips with just a couple of mouse clicks. It does take philips spc900nc webcam very careful focus on your telescope to get the image in focus, but once you develop the skill this webcam is spectacular. I would also advise you to pholips the free WcCtrl webcam control software which allows much easier access to the webcam controls than going through the K3CCDTools menu to the Driver software for the webcam.

Sign in Already have an account? The lens unit incorporates the lens and an infra-red filter, but we will philips spc900nc webcam longer use this for astrophotography. VLounge is sophisticated software for capturing, managing and archiving snapshots and video clips with just a couple of mouse clicks.

I haven’t found a better mac-compatible webcam yet, still looking. You will not be able to LE mod that camera I am afraid. Jay on How to Take Photos of the Milkā€¦. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Philips spc900nc webcam would I do with it?

The lens simply unscrews, and you carefully screw philips spc900nc webcam a 1. Hi Eteny, Thank you for this article and all the others. Zoom in and out to get the perfect framing for any image. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Pixel Plus is a digital picture processing technology philips spc900nc webcam increases the number of lines and the number of pixels.

Philips SPCNC Webcam for Astrophotography

Sign In Sign Up. Many people have followed his suggestions for making the Long Exposure mod to enable webcams which normally just take very short exposure movie footage at frame speeds of 5 to 60 philips spc900nc webcam eebcam second to take exposures philips spc900nc webcam from 1 second to 1 hour!!

Using DSLRs do not help either, because the sensors in this decade-old webcams are still more sensitive. My first “great” astrophotography image!

Visit the support page for your Philips Webcam SPCNC/00

Arthur – that is a very helpful post. So you have to hook up the webcam to the computer? The camera is now ready for planetary imaging!