File Saving – The file saving setup window lets you select the default file format and compression setting if applicable , and the creator code on Macs for the saved files. Film Handling The Super Coolscan ED comes with three film holders, one for mounted 35mm slides, one for loose 35mm film strips, and a third “clamshell”-style holder for handling badly-curved strips of film via the slide adapter. Digital ICE truly saved enormous amounts of time here as well, since we could largely ignore dust and scratches. They’re generally arranged in the order in which you would encounter them during the normal scanning process. Depending on the labor rate you choose to value such time, Digital ICE could literally pay for the entire scanner investment in one large job.

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Across the top of the panel, a double row of buttons provides inkon following functions: You need to watch the histogram display nikon ls-4000 ed the “Curves” window though, to be sure you don’t lose important highlight detail in the process. Most of the settings here fall into the “set it and forget it” category, as you won’t need to change them frequently.

Additional batch-only options cover logging of the scanning progress to a file, error handling, and how to handle file saving between separate scans. Nikon also points out in its manual that the color management system both slows the scanning nikon ls-4000 ed and dramatically increases memory requirements.

For ls-400 film nikon ls-4000 ed ls-4000 strips that don’t load properly in the SA there is also the FH-3 strip film holder that is used manually with the MA Thus, the usefulness of analog gain control will depend somewhat on the image being scanned.

Nikon | Imaging Products | SUPER COOLSCAN ED (LS ED)

We found this much more intuitive and easier to navigate than Nikon’s previous nikon ls-4000 ed interface. Here’s what nion all are: NOTE that messing around with the color management settings can significantly alter your images! Nikon ls-4000 ed all have been selected, click scan to proceed. We also had severe trouble with the Photoshop plug-in on our G4 Mac.

A point sd be added wherever you click, and the curve adjusted to pass through the new point. Full bits per channel output Adobe Photoshop tm Versions 4. With a minor adaptation to our work habits, we happily scanned dozens of old family negatives while we worked on other things.

Show More Show Less. Where the Nikon holder differs significantly from others we’ve used, is in the film guides, which take the form nikon ls-4000 ed two continuous ridges in the plastic, and run the entire length of one half of the clamshell assembly. Nikon ls-4000 ed have a number of archival images that I love to scan from film to digital. ls-44000

Nikon Super CoolScan 4000 ED Photo, Slide & Film Scanner

Though nikon ls-4000 ed unique “Digital ICE” technology see below gives the Super Coolscan some es technology for dealing with dust and scratches. We were surprised by how far we could push the analog gain without losing detail in the highlights, where the clouds and sunbaked sand are nearly transparent on the original.

Preview Settings – This is where you can either gain or lose large amounts of time in your use of the Super Coolscan ED! These seem to arise as a result of the higher nikon ls-4000 ed coefficient of the cardboard mounts, often causing two slides to feed at once.

You can choose to adjust the tonal balance in the image either automatically or manually. Older SA is not intended by Nikon for this device, thus is not supported.

On the other hand, the scanner ran quite well in the background on our G4 PowerMac: Anyway, Nokon makes this thing sing! We did not have the opportunity to try either the APS adapter, the nikon ls-4000 ed slide feeder, or the roll-film feeder, but the “batch” capabilities of the 35mm strip-film adapter were both powerful and convenient. For those unfamiliar with the interface, it’s nikon ls-4000 ed very high-speed serial connection l-s4000 developed by Apple Computer a number of years back.

nikon ls-4000 ed As in Photoshop, the black point slider sets a minimum brightness value for the image any pixel values below this level will be set to zero. In operation, a file naming settings window appears when you initiate a batch scan, letting you ev file name prefixes, suffixes, the number of digits used to distinguish between the files, and the starting number to use in the file naming. We’ll resort to a more terse presentation of some of the features, based on heavy use of screen shots.

nikon ls-4000 ed

Nikon Super CoolScan ED Photo, Slide & Film Scanner | eBay

To accommodate such large amounts of data, Nikon Scan uses hard drive space for nikon ls-4000 ed nlkon to nikon ls-4000 ed pieces of the image data on a temporary basis. Some old mounts are particularly rough, and more likely to cause problems.

Batch Scan – Sets the same pre- and post-scanning options as the Single Scan window, but for those times when you’re scanning multiple images on a film strip. For this scanner the latest software version is SilverFast 8.