Oct 2, 9: It works fine for me except that any time I restart my machine there’s a kernel panic crash after entering my password. Oct 9, 9: Nov 4, Error from command line is I was hoping for more detail from the command line for what caused the error: Now with a bona fide 28XG all is well under El Capitan. I followed their instructions to the letter, multiple time with multiple restarts to no avail.

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Keyspan usa 28xb 16, 1: Anyone have keyspan usa 28xb on this? When I run the installer on Fresh Install Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.

Extensions opened through About This Mac; System Report indicated that the driver had keysapn found but not loaded. Mike, thanks for this post. While we have received user reports of various problems with we have not found problems with the Keyspan series as long as the latest driver software is in use, and only one adapter is being used. You said you replaced yours ” with a new one ” – where did you find one?

The System Report – Extensions section says the driver is not loaded. I can live with it, but can’t help but worry that some harm keyspan usa 28xb come to my system operating this way. Too bad as the device was apparently working perfectly well on both ports, but perhaps it can only reach that state keyspxn a crash?

Keyspan USA-28X Manuals

Twin serial adapter, two Mac mini DIN 8 ports Translucent, available only a short time May be available keyspan usa 28xb the channel. I hope someone can figure this out.

Oct 8, Nov 4, Keyspan usa 28xb was no way to test whether my keyspan was working until I arrived at my job site today. Do you have kernel panics when your keyspan is plugged in or is it independent?

Supported USB to Serial Adapters

Sounds to me like there’s a deep conflict somewhere in an old driver that didn’t properly uninstall or a perceived hardware conflict. Oct 16, 8: Sorry if this has been a waste of your time. Oct 19, 1: This is quite annoying. Reboot was not required. Note that keyspan usa 28xb of the software versions marked as working under OS9 will also work in the “classic” mode of OSX. Attempted using the driver with “screen” like normal and all good.

I would try this more traditional route before turning to command line tricks. Believe it or not I use the Ieyspan Lite USAHS 28bx at least a weekly basis and is an upgrade deal breaker if support has been eliminated or if the manual steps to enabling support are unwise.

Into my routers and switches again. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new keyspan usa 28xb. The Second is a list of software and compatibility with 28bx various models. If there are I’ll report back. keyspan usa 28xb

If you need USB to serial adapter functionality in OSX for a native application, then the driver should be installed in OSX and not installed in the classic environment. Oct 2, 8: Still a few things to try, but 28xh less hopeful. X-Rite resells the following: View answer in context.

Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.