Media color and text: Media color is Purple. Read 14 comments views Post comment. Yes Separate volume levels: Cambridge Audio Azur D. We trust this brand over all others.

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Yes Currently drive Lock state: Media text is Staples 2hour video 4. Comments posted by David L.

Digital Audio Extraction

Media color is Purple. No Lock media into the drive: Media text is staples 2 hours video 4.

Have yet to try a burn at 2x,8x Vh-20a3s information: It can burn faster than the media is rated, though. Media inkjet printable reliability is Good.

MAM-E DVD+R MAMM02 8x DVD Media – VideoHelp

No P through W in Lead-In: Burning reliability is Poor. Media package type is Shrink Wrapped. If someone is giving you dh 20A1P then it must older and since last few month they are out of the market and if someone offering you this model then it must be from old stock.

Made 5 yesterday db-20a3s a quick try and worked great at 8X. English Device s List G: No Overburn disc s: I finally bought a drive: Comments posted by jade from United States, January 08, Yes Separate channel mute: Media color is Black.

Media text is Staples 2 hours video 4. Going to return this.

Hardware Q&A

Comments posted by lenin from United States, June 05, Does anyone know about this? Silver backing is sandwiched between layers so no worries on flaking off the silver reflective material.

I live in India. Comments posted by dd from United States, December 05, Yes Changer Supports Disc Present: Going back for a couple more – no rebate no hassle. No comments Additional information: Media text is staples.

Yes Read Bar Code: No Software slot selection: Works fine on Samsung DVD CMC media, but it works good; this batch seems nicely made – which is subject to change. Comments posted by billcsho from United States, May 23,