You may use it freely according to its particular license. This licensing tag was added to this file as part of the GFDL licensing update. Super high resolution, nice high contrast and brightness, and built like a train. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. Dec 13, Posts:

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We didn’t find them very bothersome at all.

I’ve had a pair of these for several years now the black ones if it matters. I noticed when I got the error before that it wasn’t giving me a whole number, it was like The monitor has a dark spot on it Visible in pictureand a small cluster of pixels that are out near the top left.

There is an unspoken competition between the various monitor manufacturers in regards to what is exactly a “flat” CRT display. Screen image simulated with the GIMP. While many of the monitors in question have a perfectly flat exterior, the real challenge lies on the other side of the glass. The newer models that my aunt and mother have, don’t appear to have as sharp of a picture though. One pretty much DOA which the vendor replaced for me and one after about 18 months use, which KDS replaced for me without so much as asking a question first.

I have purchased approx. I bought this exact monitor a few years ago locally.

Yes they stopped making them almost two years ago, they now buy them OEM from Sampo. Buying Format see all. This screenshot either does not contain copyright-eligible parts or visuals of copyrighted software, or the author has released it under a free license which should be indicated beneath this noticeand as such follows the licensing guidelines for screenshots of Wikimedia Commons.

KDS Monitor for sale | eBay

After the third replacement burned out in less than 2 weeks – I gave up on it and got my money back. Tapping it would fix it haha The monitor monltor a VGA input.

Very good monitors for the price, but their RMA policy is why we keep buying from them Views View Edit History. It came to me with a tiny visual defect slight pit in the plastic in one corner.

Display Technology see all.

In our case, the wires were not immediately noticeable, and then only so on very light backgrounds. KDS monitors are terrible. The back panel had a manufacture date of only 8 months prior so I put it in my cflat got home called KDS shipped them the bad one and they shipped a good one back to me. Show only see all.

Trading 17″ KDS XFlat Monitor and NF7-S for Low-End laptop!

The display rotates jds degrees on the horizontal plane, and 16 degrees up and down. The visual difference between the three varieties is slight, but noticeable under some circumstances.

KDS Monitors 27 posts. The control panel for the display consists of only four buttons, in addition to the power switch. Other than that its ok lol. If you’re a gambling man wanting to buy a 21″ monitor with 19″ money, go for a KDS. Skip to main content. One of the reasons we bought them was the 3 year warranty which also has advance replacement.

KDS AV-7TF 17in True Flat Monitor Review –

Two years later, they’re still running strong with decent clarity. That is not bad service. Item Location see all.

I’ve had my Sony at home for the last 6 years and it’s still going strong